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STEM-ulating News


Sumner County Schools will remain on the Extended Hybrid Schedule through at least January 22. All K-5, CDC, and Pre-K students will attend school full-time, each day of the week. Middle and high school students will attend school on the Extended Hybrid schedule through at least January 22.

Per our district reentry plan, we will decide on Wednesday, January 20, for the next two-week cycle of school (January 25 through February 5).

The district’s goal has always been to balance providing students with as much in-person instruction as possible while maintaining the health and safety of staff and students. We will continue to consider multiple factors when making our decisions. It is difficult for anyone to make long term projections during this pandemic, but our goal in each decision is to safely maintain continuity of instruction, consistency and routine for students, parents, and teachers.


January 2021 Hybrid 1 19 thru 1 22 




HOUSE WINNER for the 2nd 9 Weeks!!

Congratulations Blue House



The Lottery Application for the 2021-2022 School Year has closed. Thank you for your interest in Union Elementary. Come back next year to abpply for the following school year. 



In case you have been wondering about your child's report card...


 (K-3) Standards Based Report Card

 (4-5) Grade Report

3  On Track/Mastery. The student has met the grade level standards for this quarter

2  Approaching. The student is making acceptable progress meeting the grade level

     standard but needs additional support for this quarter

1  Below Grade level. The student needs extensive support at school and at home

     to meet grade level standards for this quarter

A 93-100

B 85-92

C 75-84

D 70-74

F Below 70




M O N A R C H   R U N   D A Y

Kindergarten, Second Grade and Third Grade teachers got to release some Monarchs on our first ever Monarch Run!

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04418D01 FE15 4AF3 AF7A 40E4A6531F38 1 201 a        1EEF7D3C 4D6D 495D B568 E5652F12D199 1 201 a



A few COVID-19 related links that can be helpful to you and your child:

Practicing Prevention

Student Attendance

Serving Meals

Positive Test Student or Staff

 Symptoms While at School

Close Contact

Resides With Positive Result

Self Screening



 visit MyPaymentsPlus to add money to your child's lunch account. 

You wil need your child's Student ID number to create an account (call the office if you need it).

mpp logo




We are so excited to share the list for our 2020-2021 School year. Looking forward to seeing all the new faces that will be

joining us next year! 


Click on the link below to view the 2020-2021 Lottery Results

Lottery Results

Please note that in order to see where your child is on the list, you will need their ID number that was given to you after you submitted your application.

You may have received a confirmation email with that ID number in it. 




 Weekly Related Arts Activities

Our Related Arts Rockstars have daily activities for your child to do while at home!  

Click the link to see what they are


                      unnamed   RelatedArtsSTEM   RelatedArtsMusic   RelatedArtsArt   RelatedArtsPE



Check out this news paper cover...






TN Department of Education Seal STEM Certified Eastman Volunteer Tennesse School Seal of Approval 2018 MSA cling Winner  2019 MSA cling Winner

2014 Reward School
Top 5% in the State for
Academic Achievement